Glasrenovatie Nederland BV is searching for partners abroad.

As the largest glasspolishing company of the Netherlands, we have built our own machines and are eager to get in touch with companies or individuals who are interested in working locally with our machines.

Our machines remove scratches and chemical layers from glasssurfaces. This being done environmentally-friendly. As a result of the ease of use and the machine's ability to suck itself onto the glass, our experienced technicians in the residential building are able to treat 20 scratched glass-panes (on average) or remove 30m2 of chemical layers per day.

The collaboration will be set-up through a licence-agreement.

Initially, we can collectively execute a local project, where our technicians collaborate to give some explanation. It is also possible to work together on projects in the Netherlands to learn all details considering working with the machine.

Besides the licence-agreement, a starter's package will be delivered, including a machine, polishing discs, polish and required materials.

If you are interested in a collaboration, please contact Hein Westermann using or 31-515-578114


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