The advantages:

  • VCA Certified.
  • National Service Network.
  • Quicker and less expensive than replacing.
  • No Cure-No Pay.
  • Minimal nuisance.
  • Over 25 years of experience.
  • No environmental impact.
  • Customer friendly mentality.

100% Quality

We only work with professional equipment and with specially trained glass experts. Because of this you are guaranteed to have a clear and smooth end result that is just as important as the machines itself. We select our employees with emphasis on two skills: technical and social. Our people are trained with a lot of care. Even though we test our results with the NEN-norm and even though the result is obvious, with the final evaluation more factors always play a roll. Factors that can not be met in the NEN norms, for example emotions and human relationships. That is why our employees are both technically and socially skilled. Attention is first and foremost. And that is pure profit for the client. 

No Cure-No Pay

Glasrenovatie Nederland BV guarantees results. In some cases scratches can not be removed, even by us (for example when they are to deep). In that case you will only receive a bill for the call out fee. That means 100% result-guarantee!


- Removing scratches from glass.


- Removing chemical tarnish on glass.


- Removing graffiti from glass.


- Removing scratches from baths.


- Removing scratches from window sills. 



When scratches appear on the windows during the construction of a housing project, replacing them seems like the only solution. However, this has many disadvantages: replacement is costly, requires a lot of organisation and causes a nuisance. Replacement is no longer necessary! Glasrenovatie Nederland BV offers you a solution that is quick, environmentally friendly and less expensive. With the advanced polishing technique, scratches, chemical tarnish and graffiti will be removed from all glass surfaces. Without optical deformation,without discolouration and by only using natural polishing agents and water. Polishing does not cause any dust or water disturbance. That is why it is not a problem to work in an existing residence. The workplace will remain perfectly clean. Even years after the building of a residence or office complex nitric- or silicic acid can cause an irremovable film on windows. Aside from that it is unsightly, it also limits the view and dimms light. Glasrenovatie Nederland BV can remove this chemical tarnish effectively, without using environmentally harmful agents and with minimal disturbance.

Total Solution

In new construction and renovation projects, Glasrenovatie Nederland BV, provides a complete solution. When scratches are noticed call or mail us the addresses. If the buildings have recently gotten new inhabitants, we will make an appointment with them. After the repair activities, we let the inhabitants sign for approval. You will receive this signature list directly from us, so that you can finish the project properly in regards to glass damage. In short, we do not only renovate the windows, we also take over the whole organisation to ensure a definitive execution. In addition we strive to make sure that all assignments are taken care of within a week.


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The nozzle of the polishing machine sucks itself onto the window and afterwards it fills with water and polishing agent. After that the disc spins about 20.000 rpm. Because of this the polishing result will be absolutely invisible afterwards. Because the liquid circulates permanently through the liquid container, overheating of the glass (with as result a heat film) is being counteracted. Furthermore, because of the rotation of the machine optical distortion is being prevented. Because of the almost 20 year long developed method for removing scratches and chemical encrustation it is superior and environmental friendly. Because the system is constantly being improved, even deeper scratches can be removed.

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